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Tome has many traditions and activities throughout the year. Some are unique to Tome, and others we make our own. These are the events that are part of our school culture, help us bond as a community, and are great fun! Below are Tome’s traditions and a peek at how they are celebrated.

Senior Investiture

Oh, they may be seniors from the first day of school, but until Senior Investiture, they are not yet “official.” Parents and friends attend, and the Head of School speaks about each student as he or she is called forth to be vested. This September ceremony is one that marks the official beginning of a year filled with memory-making events for the upcoming graduates.


Homecoming at Tome does not involve a game. It is, however, a time for the High School to get together and dance the night away! The gym is transformed, the music is loud, and the laughter is louder. Even some of the teachers get into the act – and a good time is had by all!

Halloween Party and Haunted Hallway

Each year on the Saturday night closest to Halloween, the TSPO (Tome School Parent’s Organization) decorates the gym and the Middle School/Lower School hallway. Everybody comes in costume, plays games in the gym, eats delicious refreshments, and listens for the footsteps of the ghost on the third floor.

Pumpkin Bowl

If it’s the Friday before Halloween, then it’s time for the Annual Pumpkin Bowl. The high school is divided into teams for a football game, with great activities (like a huge tug-of-war) during half time.

Christmas Caroling

Each year, the school community gathers in the front hall and sings carols in front of the tree that has been decorated by the Senior Class.

Spirit Week

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it can feel long and cold. But at Tome, we brighten this dark month with an entire week of spirit-filled activities. While the activities and events vary from year to year, the overall effect is the same – to celebrate our school and each other!

Talent Shows

Tome’s Got Talent – American Idol step aside! Each year there is not only one, but two Talent Shows to allow our students to shine.

Founder’s Day

May 20th is the day that the Jacob Tome Institute was created in 1889. Each year, we celebrate this day with a school-wide assembly, Honor Society Inductions, The Lower School has their Field Day, and the Middle and Upper Schools have a variety of ways to celebrate. Ask any Tome student to tell you the story of Jacob Tome and the raft … they’ll be glad to do so!


The Prom is planned by the Junior Class, and all Upper School Students are invited to attend.


Finally, after a year of wonder-filled events, it is time to say farewell to the Senior Class. Graduation is a traditional ceremony, with guest speakers, music, and of course, time to honor the students who will leave The Tome School to make their way in the world.