Mission and Philosophy

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The Tome School “will embrace every grade from kindergarten to and through high school studies” where “young people may obtain proper preparation for the varied and important work of life.”

Jacob Tome, Founder
May, 1889

Our Mission Statement

The Tome School invests in the intellectual and personal promise of each student through its challenging, traditional college preparatory curriculum and its commitment to the development of core values of respect, responsibility and honesty.

Our Philosophy

Tome School is a community of students, parents, faculty, and staff who support each other in a commitment to intellectual exploration and lifelong learning. The dedicated faculty and staff challenge students to strive for both personal and academic excellence by teaching them to think independently, to work collaboratively, and to lead confidently. In addition, we provide them with the skills of critical thinking and effective communication essential to success in college and beyond. Through the school’s honor code, we foster in every student the courage and accountability that are the foundation of character, conduct, and citizenship. It is our expectation that the education here will inspire our young people to embrace their responsibilities to themselves, Tome School, and the world.