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At Tome School, honorable behavior, both in and out of the classroom, is the cornerstone of our community. Each student signs the Honor Code Pledge at the start of every school year. The Tome School Honor Code lies at the center of this culture, and this is evident each day in our halls and classrooms. Violations of the Honor Code are reviewed by an Honor Board of faculty and students, and are subject to disciplinary action.


Tome students will show consideration and thoughtfulness when interacting with teachers, staff members, and fellow students. The school building as well as its contents (desks, hallways, bulletin boards, etc.) will be treated with care. Students will respect another’s privacy and will respect the rules and code.


Tome students will be held accountable for their actions. Students in the middle and upper schools are expected to be role models of appropriate behavior.


The success of Tome School depends on academic honesty. Cheating, in any form, will not be tolerated.

Honor Code Pledge

We, the members of the Tome School community, pledge to act with respect, responsibility, and honesty in everything we do. We promise to uphold the tradition of integrity and honor that is the core value of Tome School.​