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Tome School is a very special place. The goal of our admissions process, including our admissions testing and requirements, is to make sure that our school is the perfect fit for your child and family. Our admissions testing process varies based on the grade level of your student, and helps us to determine if your child’s academic and social skills are a good match for our positive, challenging learning environment.

Kindergarten and First Grade

Kindergarten candidates must be 5 years old by September 1st of the upcoming school year. The ideal Kindergarten candidate is the child who is ready to begin reading. You will be asked to bring your child to the school office where they will be met by one of our kindergarten teachers. Your child will then accompany the teacher to a kindergarten classroom where they will be evaluated for reading readiness through some play-like “testing.” Since Tome’s kindergarten program is an academic program designed to teach our students to read using a phonics-based curriculum, it is essential that the children we accept are ready to learn phonics when they arrive at the school. Not all children are ready for such an academic program at age 5. We would rather defer acceptance for a year to allow your child to develop their readiness skills rather than accept them into a program that causes frustration. We want your child to be successful and to love school!

Grades 2 – 5

Admissions testing for children entering grades 2 through 5 is done on a case by case basis. The student will spend a day at school in their current grade where they will perform classwork alongside their peers. At some point, they will be pulled out of the self-contained classroom to take some admissions testing (mainly math and reading comprehension). Parents will receive a letter within two weeks with the results of the ‘shadow’ day.

Grades 6 – 12

We usually hold 2-3 group admissions testing days, enabling us to test several students at one time. We administer three parts of the Stanford Achievement Test: Reading Comprehension, Math Procedures, and Language. The first testing date is usually held on a Saturday in mid-December. The second is at some point in January and if a third is needed, it is in late February or early March. After the student takes the admissions test, the parent is sent a letter with the results and an invitation to call the school to schedule a ‘shadow’ day. Prospective students spend an entire day attending classes with their peers. If applying for grade 9, they will spend the day in our Upper School visiting 9th grade classes. This enables the prospective student to get a feel for a typical day at The Tome School and helps our faculty get a better idea of how the student will fit in. After the shadow day, parents are sent a letter with the results of the shadow day.

Please contact us at 410-287-2050 or info@tomeschool.org if you would like to schedule a tour of Tome School or have any questions about our admissions process.